Medium Depth Nuc with 2 Bodies and Entrance Reducers

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A revolutionary Langstroth nucleus in high density polystyrene.  It is revolutionary in terms of price, features and performance.  Unlike virtually all other nucleus boxes available this one is built like a proper hive with a separate floor with varroa mesh, hive body and roof all interlocking for security and strength. 

There is a generous amount of space under the frames and we suggest this would be the ideal place for fondant if you are not using a frame feeder.  Simply lift up the hive body or remove a frame and place a bit of fondant on the floor.

As with our hives the roof is reversible so when fitted with a cut down propolis screen the nuc will be perfectly prepared for transport with no danger of the bees overheating because of ventilation through the varroa floor and propolis screen.

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