Honey Processing

Honey Processing

This section contains some of the honey processing lines made by Paradise Honey of Finland.

Paradise Honey are one of the worlds leading honey producers, their extracting lines and honey processing equipment represents a vast amount of experience and dedication to the beekeeping industry.   The below lines are just a small indication of  Paradise Honey’s ever increasing range of lines, above in the video and download section you will see a large uncapping and extraction line with a continuous capping’s press along with a 120 frame extractor and a uncapping machine.

Equipment can be made to the beekeepers requirements and for any type of frame.

We believe that Paradise Honey Machinery is by far the best on the market and we are pleased to be able to offer it in the USA.  Check out this video of a complete line.

If you are interested in finding out more about the lines available please contact ourselves by email and we will be more then happy to discuss and provide details of prices and delivery costs.


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Newest innovation helping the beekeepers remove the honeycomb cappings from the bee frames. F..
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Conical Strainer Fine (350 micron)
A 12.5" diameter 350 micron filter for use ideally after the honey has already passed through a c..
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Conical Strainer XX Fine (200 micron)
A very fine 12.5" diameter 200 micron filter for the production of high quality cl..
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Stainless Steel Double Strainer
This product is good for quickly straining small amounts of  honey as it comes out of t..
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Stand for Conical Strainer System (12.5")
A stainless steel ring with adjustable hardwood legs this stand supports our 12.5" diameter conic..
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