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Painting Tip for Customers

Painting Tip

I've found that Home Depot (didn't look at lowes) sells pretty good elastomeric masonry paint online for only $28/gallon.  Two's not in the stores, you order it online and they ship it to the store for free and you pick it up (or your house for free if you order $45+).  The other catch is that they're pre-mixed colors, so you can order "sandstone beige" or "chablis cream" or whatever, they have good selection but it's not custom-mixed unlimited-colors like in the store.  Still, for $28/gallon it's a good deal to paint poly hives with the recommended paint.  Much cheaper than the price of the masonry paint that they actually stock on the shelves.  I think masonry paint is a bit of a slow seller for them so they don't like to stock it, and you're paying a premium to go in and buy it right off the shelf.

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