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Podcasts - MP3 Sound Files

This is a new section which we will add to over a period of time.  To listen to these MP3 sound files either simply click on the link or to save the file right click the link and in Windows Explorer select "Save target as..." selecting a suitable location on your PC for later transfer to your MP3 player.  Other browsers may differ.

Inspecting a new colony and adding a second brood chamber.  A live recording of an inspection of a new new colony on plastic Medium sized frames and the addition of a second brood chamber.   The bees had been transferred from a nuc hive to a full hive about a week before this inspection.  At the same time they had been given about 5 litres of 1:1 sugar syrup in a full width rapid feeder.  Date of recording: 9th September, 2010.  Length of recording 3:26

Uniting a mini-nuc and full sized colony.  Finding a hive queenless at the start of October is not good news but we had a spare queen to hand in a small mini-nuc to offer a solution to the problem.  In this recording we introduce the new queen to the existing colony by simply adding the mini-nuc to the colony in an empty brood chamber. Date of recording: 2nd October, 2010.  Length of recording 4:00

Uniting and inspecting colonies.  This is the full length version of the Podcast above and includes inspections of a number of other hives and nucs.  To comply with file size limitations it has been recorded at a slightly lower quality level than the short version. Date of recording: 2nd October, 2010.  Length of recording 19:41

Shook swarms.  A studio recording on how, why and when to carry out shook swarms.  Shook swarms remain a slightly controversial technique but the experience of those who practice them is colonies will be stronger than those which have not been given a shook swarm.  Shook swarms are also a useful way of introducing bees into a new hive and this recording explains how to carry out a shook swarm plus some of the factors to be aware of such as feeding, timing and varroa control.  Date of recording: 3rd October, 2010.  Length of recording 10:29

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