Swarm Provention

Swarm Provention

This section contains our swarm prevention system, also known as the queen trap along with queen exluders and our entrance reducer.

The Paradise Honey hives were designed by one of the most successful and innovative bee farmers in Finland, Juhani Waara, who operates about 3,000 colonies in the south of the country.In the late 1990s Juhani tried a new way of swarm prevention, using the simple trick of preventing the queen leaving with the prime swarm.

This is not in itself innovative as beekeepers have used methods such as putting a queen excluder under the brood box to contain the queen before, but Juhani’s insight was to use a second entrance above the brood box.

The result was a system which allows the colony to continue to forage normally, gathering nectar and pollen, but which will prevent the queen ever leaving with the prime swarm.Today, over half Juhani’s colonies are fitted with this system during the swarming season and he will soon roll them out to all his colonies.


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